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The Zen Building


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Scent Descriptions

Spring/Summer Scents:

Bloom: blooming ylang ylang and soothing coriander seed

Euphoric: rich floral jasmine with hints of sweet bergamot.

Expand: eucalyptus with hints of spicy ginger.

Peace: lavender and roasted vanilla beans.


Signature Scents:

Motherland: a bold touch of sandalwood and amber.

Wake: fresh warm linen with hints of peppermint.


Out of Season Scents: Available for orders of 5 or more. Please email

Balance: earthy sage and flowering geranium

Bright: clean lemons with strong earthy tea tree notes.

Calm: fresh, sweet, fruity apricot and herbaceous. 

Comfort:  sweet grass with hints of warm amber. 

Confidence: patchouli with warming orange and blooming rose.

Dynamic: spicy frankincense with undertones of sweet orange. 

Faith: A lovely aroma of fresh linen and eucalyptus.

Honored: roasted chestnut & rum.

Peace: Relax with the aroma of lavender and smoked vanilla filling the air.

Pure: Sweet burst of grapefruit with woody, spicy and clean undertones. 

Release: sweet woody myrrh with a pinch of cedarwood.

Rise & Chai: warm chai tea with a butterscotch drizzle.

Thankful: spiced cranberry and toasted orange.

Warmth: earthy ocean breeze with undertones of sweet ginger.

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