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The Zen Building

Traveling Tin

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Candle Size: 4oz and 8oz opinion

These vessels are tin metal and can be reused in your own way or re-filled by us! Contact us for more details:

All candles are made with 100% coconut & apricot wax for a clean and eco-friendly burn. All candles burn with a wooden wick that must be trimmed after each burning session for best results. All candles should be stored away from direct sunlight. 


Visit our Zen Trimmers for more information.



Scent Descriptions

Fall Scents:

Confidence: patchouli with warming orange and blooming rose.

Expand: eucalyptus with hints of spicy ginger and rosemary.


Signature Scents:

Motherland: a bold touch of sandalwood and amber.

Wake: fresh warm linen with hints of peppermint.


Limited Holiday Scents:

Honored: roasted chestnut & rum.

Thankful: spiced cranberry and toasted orange.

Rise & Chai: warm chai tea with a butterscotch drizzle.


Out of Season Scents: Available for orders of 5 or more. Please email

Balance: earthy sage and flowering geranium

Bloom: blooming ylang ylang and soothing coriander seed

Bright: clean lemons with strong earthy tea tree notes.

Calm: fresh, sweet, fruity apricot and herbaceous. 

Comfort:  sweet grass with hints of warm amber. 

Dynamic: spicy frankincense with undertones of sweet orange. 

Euphoric: rich floral jasmine with hints of sweet bergamot.

Faith: A lovely aroma of fresh linen and eucalyptus.

Peace: Relax with the aroma of lavender and smoked vanilla filling the air.

Pure: Sweet burst of grapefruit with woody, spicy and clean undertones. 

Release: sweet woody myrrh with a pinch of cedarwood.

Warmth: earthy ocean breeze with undertones of sweet ginger

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